Pastor Marlon Lock

pastor-marlon-lock1It was 1981, at the age of 5, when the Lord spoke to Marlon Antonio Lock and asked him to preach His word. Without hesitation, he said yes. Pastor Lock preached his first sermon at age 10 and also sang his first song: “The Robin”, by The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Since then, he’s been preaching, singing and playing drums at the church in which he grew up, belongs to and now is the Pastor– all to the glory of God.

Young Pastor Lock (as he’s also called) believes people will hear his music and it will inspire them to change their lives. His music can be described as “soulful” Gospel. It’s uplifting and spiritual with a southern twist. His motto is: “I’m not a singer who is a Pastor; I’m a Pastor who God has anointed to sing and compose music.” Before Pastor Lock’s granddad passed (who was the founder of the church) in 2009, he told young Pastor Lock to record the song: “Good Seed”. With validation and consultation with the Lord…His Journey Begins Here!

What is Pastor Lock’s inspiration? He states: “The fact that God gave me another chance and He saved me; my church family, who keeps me laboring in the vineyard and the greatest wife and five children in the world. They make it all worth it…everyday!” His musical influences include: Pastor Marvin Winans, Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s, Sam Cooke, R. Kelly, Marvin Gaye, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Anita Baker, Shirley Caesar, William Murphy and his dad.

Pastor Marlon Lock proclaims: “With this project, you’ll realize that you’ve always been a ‘good seed’. You were just a work-in-progress. Now…you’re a Good Seed Project.” The single: “Hear My Prayer” is available now on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon Music and other online outlets. If paired with the right record label, this project and the artist will produce the perfect union of Spiritual bliss!

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